Friday, April 27, 2012

I'mmmm baaaack .....

Hard to believe that I've taken four YEARS off from this kind of work and from this poroject. But I am back with a new project and renewed interest. In 2005 when I started working with digitizing Shelley's Perkin WarbeckI was struck by just how limited the role of digital humanities could be for an average professor at an average university. Unless it became the focal point of a program or initiative, unless it was the VISION of someone very influential high in the food chain, this was not going to be a project or set of projects that got very far. Excitingly, to me, this is changing. More and more institutes and conferences are making access to information more possible for moderatelky or poorly funded institutions. I for example will be attending this year's DHSI in Vancouver, where I will spend 4 glorious days living in a dorm and focusing on pedagogies that utilize DH. For my test case I am going to bring a gift book from 1833 or maybe the short novella from Blackwoods titled "Letters from the Peninsula." "Letters" and its author Hamilton were supposed to be the focus of my sabbatical... the sabbatical that vanished and was replaced by a semester as a new administrator ... Not sure how I feeel about that yet, but that is probably the focus for a different blog ... or maybe not. But it's not the focus for today because I am out of time and need to help my kids get up and ready for school. Or go for a run ... or do something ... Vale!

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