Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I agree with others that this project has me sweating. It is extremely frustrating for me as well. I am not technologically advanced and I find this entire project difficult due to the fact that it is all technology! I do however really like the story we chose and am grateful we were able to use the Keepsakes, I would much rather be doing this project on something I have more choice in than the Perkin Warbeck. Although as I have seen with others we are as well having a difficult time finding any research on our author or historical information on our story. We have scanned in our images and they are now on page. Our page is basically set up and as we add more analysis or more information we just edit a spot for that information. As for translating the scanned images we have been able to transcribe the story in word but we are not yet able to figure out to put it on the site without it looking funny. So that is still a struggle. I have to say looking at others pages give me ideas on what we should do with our page as I hope people think the same. Hopefully everything will end up alright and I'll be more equipped to handle this type of project once complete, I just hope we can get through this one first and do a good job with it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This whole web-of-mind thing has me sweating!! I can't find anything I want to talk about to fill the spaces in my page. I know how to talk about poetry, I just don't know what to say about my poems. I hope I can find something, and perhaps my partner will help. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I just re-read over one of my poems after having done research on the author. The poem is "The Death Song" by L.E. Landon. The poem is about a young woman who's sister has just died and she is describing what her sister said on her death-bed. The creepy thing is that not long after writing this poem the author died from an accidental overdoes of some kind of poison while in a troubled and abusive marriage. Creepy! I am enjoying this project a lot more than I thought I would. I had some extra time to myself this morning and what did I do? I sat down at a computer to edit my wikipage. Does that make me nerdy? I hope so.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have completed the first step of the digital humanities project. I have successfully scanned my story, "A Story of Modern Honour" with the help of a very nice woman at the library. It wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated it to be. However, I am having a hard time getting my story from my H-drive to my computer. I can open it anywhere on campus, but have no idea how to get it on my personal computer. Due to this, I have been spending much of my time in the library starting to transcribe it into a word document; a very tedious project. So that is I have accomplished for now. I am anxious about beginning to use the wiki, it will be a first for me, as will actually constructing anything on the web. I am a bit of a lud, so it could be a bumpy road ahead. However, I look forward to the challenge! Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well, I think I finally got this thing figured out, so let's see if this posts successfully.

Looks like I am the first of this semester's crop, which is fine. I'm such a trailblazer. Actually I'm just swamped with work this semester, as it's my final one and I have a number of projects going on, so I just want to get a jumpstart on everything I can before things pile up on me. I always manage to get a lot more done when I'm swamped with work, but it takes a toll on me mentally and emotionally, and I'd like to stave that off as long as possible. It's hard to believe we've already had nearly five weeks of class, and I wonder, what have I accomplished? At least this Web of Mind work is fairly tangible, and that's reassuring.

Well, um, to try to stay on topic, here is what I have done as of today:
  • Scanned all pages and plates of Shelley's "Transformation"
  • Transcribed all pages into a word document (took about five hours, scattered over two days)
  • Set up my page on the Web Of Mind with a brief introduction, plot summary, character list, and links to scans.
  • Adjusted all sizes of said scans so they fit on the Web of Mind (thank you, Photoshop), and uploaded a few of them as thumbnails
I'm still playing with the formatting of Web of Mind, which I'm basically doing in a trial and error sort of fashion. Make a change, check the page to see what happened, go back in and either redo the change or make more of them. The page is not done and things keep getting changed whenever I get a moment to play with the look and feel of the page.

Basically, I just need to start doing research, making my edits, and creating a bibliography. I have lots of edits in mind, many more than five, but how many I actually do will just depend on what kind of time I have to devote to it. To me, that's kind of the hard stuff--what I've done so far has been time consuming but required little thought, for the most part (is that a horrible thing to say? But it's true; mindless transcribing is kind of nice for the head, if not for the wrist. Owies). Now the hard stuff begins with the research on Shelley, the genre, and so forth. But I'm feeling pretty good about where I am in the project.

This weekend I aim to do the response log (on "Transformation") and finish uploading all the thumbnails (among other non-Victorian lit things, particularly for my Conrad independent study). Also sometime this week, probably Thursday, if I feel better from this dreadful head cold, I am going to spend some time in the library researching both this and my presentation, wherein I am studying penny dreadfuls. Because they have a cool name. Seriously. And Neil Gaiman likes them.

And now to do my Kipling reading and log.