Saturday, April 29, 2006

Intro to Chapter II: The Conference

My experience with Wikki has been fun and interesting. At first, it was a little over whelming, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t so bad. The thing you need to remember is: Take your time! Break it up into small sections so that you are not staring at a computer for hours. This can become very discouraging and it makes the experience less gratifying. You also need to do your homework on your chapter. This can be helpful in understanding your chapter but it can also be helpful in explaining it. My chapter was full of historical background which made it difficult for many to read. I tried to make it easier by adding links to each name so that when you read it, you can just click the link and can get the background information on each character.

My chapter is the second chapter and several new characters are introduced. I tried to make it easier for others by adding the links to each character. I also added definitions to certain words that either I didn’t know the meaning of or that I thought others might not know. I provided background information on certain characters that had already been talked about but not fully explained.

When editing this novel, I found it hard to catch certain errors. Some were easily identifiable and others you had to re-read over and over again to catch it. My advice to others who will be working on this project: read your chapter every few days to catch her errors. I am sure there are still some that have been missed, but every time I read my chapter I find a new one.
This project was a good experience for me and I had fun doing it. Once I figured out how to work with the chapter, it became a game to me. I wanted to play with and fix everything. The hyperlinks made explaining and learning my chapter fun. I hope the next person to read my chapter has an easier time understanding it now that I have added my touch.

Good luck to you all and have fun with this text!
Thanks, Apryl

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