Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!

Overall, this is experience has been both difficult and enlightening. I still adhere to my feeling that having a print version of the novel would be beneficial. I believe my eyes are irreparable after staring at the computer screen for countless hours. I did, however, like the project overall. To know that this extremely important work will finally be made available to the masses is awesome. And the fact that my work will be available with it is even more awesome.

The importance of such an undertaking is immense. Since Mary Shelley really has only become much more respected in the past few decades, it is imperative that Perkin Warbeck be available to her fans. It is an excellent example of a historical text with pure imagination. The twisted and round-about plotline is unlike anything I've ever seen.

The editing of the chapters is completely necessary. If I were to read this text without any help from Dr. Webster-Garrett and any notes from my fellow classmates, I would have been lost beyond repair. Because Shelley alludes to so many different people, places, and events, the necessity of the notes becomes apparent.

I honestly can't wait to see this thing go "live" in a few years. It's something that I can look back upon and say, "Hey...I helped do that."

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