Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wow! This book is amazing. I decided to start the book over again because I was extremely confused with all of the name changes. When I first read the story I thought Warbeck was being protected at the money lender's home, only to find out it was Richard of York.
As I re-read the story I'm finding more and more themes and I'm starting to realise the depth of the novel. On page 4 in chapter 2 we can hear Shelly's voice in her female character Lady Brampton when she states, "Lady Brampton's impatience did not permit the earl long to indulge in that commune with nature, WHICH WE EAGERLY SEEK WHEN GRIEF AND DEATH THROWS US BACK ON THE WEAKNESSES OF OUR HUMAN STATE, AND WE FEEL THAT OURSELVES, OUR BEST LAID PROJECTS, AND LOFTIEST HOPES, ARE BUT THE PLAYTHINGS OF DESTINY."(The Conference)
This quote coincides with a statement that she makes in the introduction of this book. Shelly believes that, "Human nature is the same in all ages." (Introduction) Shelly's comment about Lincoln's commune with nature goes along with her belief that we have no way of changing our destiny. We are "the same in all ages." It is interesting that she calls humans, "playthings of destiny," because she makes many references to chess as she is discussing characters in the novel. On page 6 in chapter 2 Lovel makes a comment about the money lender when he states, "Who would suppose," thought Lovel, "that this man holds half England in pawn?" (The conference)
It was also interesting the way she introduced her valiant knight characters. On page 1 of chapter 2 she states that, "Lord Lovel was possessed of knightly courage, untarnished honor, and gentlmanly accomplishment." While I was reading this I kept thinking of Homer and the Illiad/Odyssey. Homer would, build up, if you will, his heros by using epic similie and by telling of their great deeds. In a way Shelly does that here. She wants her audience to know who the good guys are.
I find myself reading online and marking stuff on a paper version because I'm afraid to mark the computer screen until I know for sure that what I'm thinking is correct. I'll have to finish the novel before I mark it. I don't want to post something and then have it be completely wrong later on. Using the blog has helped me keep track of my thoughts as well. This will be a great source of information once I finish the book. I'll know where my pre-conceptions have changed and why they have changed. Well that's all from here. Goodnight!

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