Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The technical editing is, for the most part, complete on my chapter from Perkin Warbeck. Though I did not really use the comment feature while reading the text, I've found that editing a whole chapter has engrossed me almost as much as the reading did. I would still like very much to change the font and font size on the page but have not been able to so far. I'm not sure if this is because I really cannot change the font and font size (I can format it in any other way, color, bold, etc. but not SIZE) or that I am doing something incorrectly. The readability of the text on the screen was my first and foremost concern. I do believe the current font in Lucida Console, size 10. I think Times New Roman or Georgia (the font I'm using now) in a size 12 would be easier on the eyes. My second concern was grammar and misspelled words. Really I was more concerned with the latter. My grammar is atrocious and I probably "corrected" sentences that were already correct and missed some other glaring error. I sincerely hope not but that is the joy and/or curse of both writing and editing. The job is never done and I am reminded of the remark that a work of art (be it literature or otherwise), because it can never complete, has to be abandoned. When someone writes a poem or paints a portrait this is the feeling they get. I have found that even though I did not write The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck, that even though I am just editing it, I am getting the same feeling I experience when I create, that I should go back and change one more thing, or maybe this paragraph should be indented here or maybe the title would look better in bold, ad infinitum. I have changed the chapter headings a dozen times at least (I most certainly wanted Roman numerals-they look more dignified). The realization I have come too in this, really the first leg of editing, is that editing is so close to the actual writing process that it holds very nearly the same frustrations and the same joys. I feel in a small (very small because I don't own her genius) way that I am picking up where Mary Shelley left off.

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