Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some observations
I am becoming more acclimated to reading the text on-line, but I'm still striving to make all the connections. That may not be so much a feature of the wiki text as it is the length and breadth of the novel.It seems that Richard/Warbeck is often detached about the events that happen in the novel. Is that just the way of Mary Shelley? Is she more stoic as she writes her characters' events?

It seems that passing the young Richard off as Perkin Warbeck is very easily accomplished and with little thought for the future. There does seem to be some emotion attached: "Lovel was profuse of thanks : so suddenly and so easily to be relieved from his worst fears, appeared like the special interposition of some guardian saint. His heart overflowed with gratitude ; and his glistening eyes gave token of greater thanks than even his emphatic words." And yet, it almost seems like he is glad to have the young prince out of his care. Here is the proper heir to the throne of England being sent off with little promise for how he might be returned to his rightful place. Of course, Lovel might have been willing to do this to save young Richard's life figuring that he would form a plan later that would restore the Yorks to power.

When Richard was forced out of France by Charles so that the French King could sign a treaty with King Henry, the expulsion also seems to be a bit unemotional. Though Shelley writes of Richard, "Pride, indignation, and heroic resolve sustained the duke under this insult; but violent, angry emotion was foreign to his dispo- [127] sition, and only kept alive in his bosom at the expense of much suffering," there seems to me a detachment to these "emotions." At this point Shelley "tells" rather than "shows" the emotions, so perhaps that is the reason they do not seem to be fully demonstrated in Richard's character.Generally speaking, Richard does not seem to be a very emotional character. He seems to be "above" much that is happening in his life. Perhaps that makes him more Royal, but it seems also to make him less human.

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