Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ok so this reading online is really hurting my eyes. No matter how many times I mess with the zoom I can never find the right size or view that is fitting for my eyes. I like the book but hate this online reading. I need a pen to write all over the book. I am tempted to take a marker and write on the screen so that way I could pretend like I had the book in front of me. Another problem I have is the changing of titles. Why can it not be that one person has the same name throughout. Reading online is a challenge enough but when you have that extra element of surprise with the constant name changing it tends to make things a little more difficult. Hopefully, during spring break boredom of sitting at home for a week will drive me to print the entire book so I can write all over it. I guess I will also have to invest in a magnifying glass because I cannot get the font bigger when I print it. Well I am going to get back to my reading now, good luck to the rest of you.

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