Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I like to reading your responses to the novel! It actually helps me to go back to the chapters and realize things that I didn't even think about! Thanks! ;-) There are a lot of characters and I became busy to figure out who is who. :-p I think it's better to read this novel without taking too long break...otherwise you will be lost..haha.. I found my self enjoying reading this novel, as long as you remember what happens each chapter... and those names...!! lol ( I always have trouble with names...) The story itself is very fast, moving, vivid, and very very detailed. And, oh, I became really really comfortable reading online! I found myself reading 7 chapters in a row without taking break! amazing! cuz I usually become impatient and quit for a while and come back again and try to read. So I guess I am getting used to this! :-) Yes, I am trying to catch up with those chapters during spring break. Hopefully I can finish the novel during my lovely spring break.. and I am still going to post more as I read next chapters.Good luck~!

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