Sunday, March 19, 2006

Although I do like having a tangible text, I don't mind reading online as much as I thought I would. I've gotten used to reading on a computer screen. However, I think the story would flow better if you can click to the next chapter with out having to click back to the home page.
Now that I'm more familiar with Shelley's style, at least in Perkin Warbeck, I can follow the characters and stick with her intricate plot. She does have a tendency to engage her characters in many things at once.
While editing my chapter (I'm not done with my chapter yet), I've researched historical background on characters, places, and dates. I've enjoyed the process thus far because I'm fascinated with English history and I've only added to my knowledge. For a brief period I am an amateur or quasi historian. The process brings me closer to what Shelley might have experienced in her quest for historical documents and her reliance on others for information. Indeed, I rely quite a bit on the computer for information, atleast in this project. Perhaps, we can relate to Shelley in her process to create a new approach to history and historical texts. That is, we are engaging in a process that is new to us and it is certainly a new approach to reading and editing.
Online blogs and new mediums like hypertexts can be a place for political subversion and emergent ideas. Editing my chapter and participating in the project has added to my understanding of the texts displacment of criticism on political and social conditions of contemporary time. That is, like Shelley's historical novel, the hyper text provides a place for one to participate in criticism under the radar.

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