Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This process of editing a chapter was even easier than I could have imagined. By simply double clicking on the screen and adding the brackets, you can literaly add anything to the text. I edited my chapter for the first time earlier this morning before class, adding a history side note I remembered from a previous class. While I can see immediately the usefulness of this type of text, I think the reader should do one of two things before reading any text on the wikki. Either first read a hard copy of the text without using the wikki at all, or read the online version, however don't click on any of the links. I believe this is useful because when first reading a text the wikki might tend to distract you. When first reading a text sometimes the basic plot or even the setting might be hard to understand. While a bunch of links to side notes about all these things could be uesful, it would be more beneficial on a second read through. The first time reading any text the person's mind should be focused sulely on that text and trying to make sense of the plot by him or herself. After a first read through then the wikki shows its unique usefullness because now when the reader understands the story and knows how it will end, links to side notes about characters, themes, plot lines, etc. makes tremendous more sense and become even more useful in the analysis phase. However I must also point out the fact that the wikki still is remarkable because of the fact that books that would never be published now get a chance to live again. This fact alone makes it very valuable and I'm sure this type of text format will become increasingly popular. It still can't replace the feel of a book in your actual hands though!

Just wanted to add sorry about spelling mistakes if their are any, I check but I'm terrible at it.

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