Thursday, February 23, 2006

-Think about how many hours we work in front of our computer desk for a day.
Well.. I pretty much live in front of my computer and I thought it was time for me to not complain about reading online for hours and hours. B.U.T.. I realized this is quite a work, and I found myself becoming impatient and keep looking at the clock. lolFirst of all, it was frustrating to realize that I still didn't get the plot right in spite of my second time to meet Perkin Warbeck.Secondly, as we all talked about this last time in class, my eyes and butts got tired and couldn't concentrate on very well. (but still I spend a lot a lot a lot of time in front of my computer doing homework, researching, writing paper, playing games, chatting,,,lol)

Since I could not mark or underline on the computer screen, I had to use my notebook and write down things that I want to look at later or things that I have no clue what it is about. It is good that at least we can highlight lines as we read. You know, some online text doesn't let us to highlight the text. One of my weaknesses was the fact that I was not familar with the history background. Their history is Hopefully I can get through this novel and get something out of it!

Reading online is becoming very common I think. A lot of e-books are out there. I want to get used to it , and I hope I can and we all can find out more advantages as we keep working on it.
So far, my advantage of reading online is that I read faster than when I read a book which is good~ :-)

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